I am Joe Hoxha and I am running for State Representative in the 78th District, serving Plymouth and Bristol.

I am running to address these issues that concern people the most.  Click on the photos to learn more.

Together we can fix the problems in Hartford that affect us here in our community.

Factory Tour

Why am I Running?

“Because America is the greatest country on Earth” was the answer that my father gave me when I asked him as a young boy as to why we had left Albania to come the United States.  And Connecticut at the time was one of the greatest states in the greatest country. I still truly believe that, and I know we have the potential to unleash America’s and Connecticut’s potential.

 All over the state crime has spiked in the recent years, all due to failed liberal policies from Hartford and DC. The decline of each of our communities and the state as a whole has become visibly apparent. All the while radical leftists are trying to infiltrate the education system and introduce dangerous ideas like critical race theory, and the sexualization of every topic in your kid’s school curriculum.

In some school districts nurses are even giving puberty suppressing drugs to kids younger than 13 in order to further a young child’s so called “gender transition”, State government continues to spend uncontrollably while the hard working Connecticut tax payers see no relief in sight. What is going on can no longer be tolerated it is a direct assault on all of us. The far left will not stop on their own we need to stand up and fight back!

This November we will WIN, and once we take back our state we can begin to reverse the damage that has been done by decades of single party rule on our state and put Connecticut and it’s great people back on the right track!

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