Meet Joe Hoxha

I was born in post-communist Albania, I immigrated to the United States with my family at 3 and a half years old back in 1996. My family left behind a tumultuous country in Eastern Europe with uncertainty as it’s best promise. Seeking a shot at the American dream my family settled in Bristol, Connecticut where my parents first worked minimum wage jobs until finding good paying work in the city’s manufacturing sector.

Joe Hoxha at Factory

Growing up in a working-class household in Bristol’s West End neighborhood I learned the value of hard work very early on. I came through the Bristol public school system where I played soccer and wrestled for Bristol central. I attended the University of Connecticut where I graduated with a dual bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Sociology.

Joe at Diner

I have always been an admirer and avid reader of American History, spending countless hours reading the biographies of former presidents and engaging in political debates with anyone that would entertain me. After college I knew for certain I wanted to be involved in politics, so I began a journey across the country working on campaigns for Republican candidates for various offices. I have worked on campaigns in Texas, Virginia, New Hampshire, Missouri and right her in Connecticut, most of the time as a field director but also managing a few successful races myself. Notably, managing the successful sweep by the Plymouth Republicans of virtually every seat in the 2017 Municipal cycle.

Joe stacking wood

After my cross-country trip I decided to settle down in my hometown of Bristol CT where I bought my first home and became very active in Bristol’s and Connecticut’s Republican party. I am proud to be serving as a member of the Connecticut Republican party’s governing body known as State Central.
In 2019 I decided to make a switch into the financial services industry where I currently work full time for a local community bank. Nevertheless, I have never put the brakes on my passion which is my commitment to civic engagement. I am proud to be a Republican candidate for the 78th State Rep district currently held by longtime Republican State Rep Whitt Betts. Whitt has done a terrific job over the years representing the good people of Plymouth and Bristol and I plan to continue the strong conservative legacy of the 78th.

meet Joe

I believe that this state is at a crossroads, either we go down the path of ruin or we usher in a new era in Connecticut politics, that will undo the damage of single party rule for decades and put Connecticut on the right path again.

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