CT's Failing Economy

Continuously slicing the same pie into smaller pieces creates the illusion of a fair and abundant system but in reality, the pieces become smaller with each slice. CT state government has followed this type of economic policy for decades, it has provided insane benefits and salaries to government workers while continuously expanding the welfare state making it easier and easier for people to give up on their American dream and fall prey to the vicious cycle of generational poverty and a life of dependence on the government for everything.

In order to fund this system Democrats in the state legislature find creative ways to implement new taxes and increase existing ones. Coupled with unfunded mandates imposed on local government which inevitably require increases in local taxes, Connecticut government has cornered its citizens with only a small narrow corridor available for relief, the one that reads “Thank you for visiting Connecticut”.

 Unfortunately, most will never return. CT has lost nearly a million citizens over the course of two decades, enough so that we lost a congressional district. By losing those 700,000 some odd people over the decades most of which were middle income taxpayers created another vicious cycle, that of budget deficits. An unstoppable force, that of a fleeting population collides with immovable object that of entrenched government programs both pulling the Connecticut taxpayers that remain in opposite directions.

The loss of three quarters of a million people coupled with ever growing government spending compounds the tax burden on those who remain. Instead of trying to right this wrong Democrats in Hartford have chosen to continue to kick the can down the road, they know that this model is not sustainable and one day the fiscal bubble will burst. They CHOOSE to do nothing banking on the notion that CT taxpayers will never understand the intricacies of government to be able to hold them accountable. Well they’re wrong, and this year we will prove it to them by taking back the legislature and passing economic reforms to help put Connecticut back on track.

The good news is that there is always hope. When there is a will there is a way. This November the will is there. We need to start off by revaluating government welfare programs that perpetuate generational dependence on the government. We all see the signs on restaurants that’s read “HELP WANTED” yet it seems like the no one wants to work.

That is again the government’s fault we overcompensated people during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is estimated that over 187 billion dollars nationwide between all the bills that have passed the last couple years related to COVID were misused by many individuals and crooked businesses. All this money has caused inflation and more concerning it has killed the desire for our youth to work for a living.

Forcing those able-bodied individuals who abuse the system to go into the work force creates the reverse effect of the existing cycle. Not only is their entire cost of living not being subsidized anymore but with each individual that comes off the system a tax paying producer has been created which helps that much more to ease the burden on the rest of us.  Connecticut spends billions of dollars that we don’t have each year on welfare programs that can and do virtually subsidize every cost of living. We do not need more handouts in CT we need to create more jobs.

Furthermore we cannot sustain the level of wage and benefit increases on the level they are on, we are billions of dollars in the hole in terms of unfunded pension liabilities, we need to move to a much more sustainable model of a defined contribution plan versus a defined benefit plan. We need to start paying down the obligation in serious chunks with revenue from cuts to other programs if we ever hope to TRULY balance our books as a state.

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